Hand-made jewelry with good vibes

Talía Lanz

Talía Lanz is a brand that was born with the intention of filling your life with color, joy, fun, and good vibes.

We aim to be a part of your life in an unexpected yet pleasant way.

In our pieces you will be able to find a distinctive style that will accompany you in your everyday life; like a tiny little amulet that tucks and protects you. Thus, when imagining and creating a design, we use only the best materials, those that speak to us about the Earth and get us closer to the sky.

And like all good things come from the Earth, we use the beads, stones, and the magic that these possess and we become their allies.


100% Hand made

Because all our products are hand-made, we optimize the use of our resources to respect the balance of our environment and so we push ourselves to create unique pieces.

One of our features is the variety of materials with which we work and one of my strenghts is the new developments I do with Mexican fabrics.  We make pieces out of silver, gold, bronze, aluminum, some are gold plated and we always incorporate beads that bring a special kind of energy to our creations.


We believe that a big source of inspiration is exploring other cultures; in them we can find diverse ways to see the world while learning different beauty concepts, something that enriches our own culture. This is why we try to find diverse countries in which to produce our jewelry and accessories --without forgetting that the best is made in Mexico.


My current priority is to create pieces with techniques and fabrics from our indigenous communities and Mexican artisans to showcase our cultural diversity.

I am currently working with artisans from the Huichol community, from the Sierra Tarahumara, Chiapas and Michoacán.